JCPA + JCRC annual jewish conspiracy. In Atlanta
 (cartoon from the JCPA’s website)
This years Jewist Agenda:
More genocide in palestine:
More war on Sudan:
Poison you with mercury laden lightbulbs:
Take away your free speech and disarm you then throw you in a private corporation prison for ever:
The Two State Solution
Global Politician, NY – 19 hours ago
I was shocked to receive a note from Dr Paul Eidelberg advising that The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) had endorsed for the first time a
JCPA endorses two-state solution
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 26, 2008
the “reconstitution” of the Palestinian Authority and the latest US-backed peace initiative, said the JCPA’s senior associate executive director,
JCPA to unveil ‘groundbreaking’ statements at upcoming conclave
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
In the past, the JCPA had supported dialogue and the peace process “within reason,” said this year’s plenum co-chair, Jerry Milch, but it had refrained from
Elections dominate hall talk at Jewish gathering in Atlanta
Texas Jewish Post – Feb 28, 2008
Many Jewish communal officials at the JCPA plenum say that they are fielding questions about Obama, questions triggered by e-mail rumors that falsely state
McCain Absent From Jewish Debate
Forward, NY – Feb 28, 2008
The JCPA responded by organizing the surrogates’ debate, but the McCain campaign pulled out the night before the debate. The JCPA also invited the campaigns
Jews Turn Against Torture
New York Jewish Week,  USA – Feb 27, 2008
In addition to JCPA activism on this issue, the American Jewish Committee passed a resolution denouncing torture last December, joining the Reform
Economic Angst Hangs Over Plenum
New York Jewish Week,  USA – Feb 20, 2008
JCPA buzz isn’t on Iran or divestment but growing fear of economy, potential deep government cuts. The tanking of the stock market and the broader economic
A “common table” for Jewish communal groups
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
Take JCPA. In 1944, when what is now the Jewish Council for Public Affairs was founded, the word “Jewish” was not in its name. It was a conscious omission,
The Poor Are With Us, But Are We With the Poor?
Forward, NY – Feb 20, 2008
This week, as the JCPA annual convention meets in Atlanta, this 64-year-old umbrella organization, which includes 14 national and 125 local agencies,
Groups blast Methodist Israel guide
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 22, 2008
birth of Israel called ‘original sin’ and to see Israelis characterized as ‘hysterical’ and ‘paranoiac,'” said Steve Gutow, JCPA’s executive director.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs lauded an anti-torture bill
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 14, 2008
The bill “creates a single humane standard for the treatment of all detainees in US custody,” the JCPA’s statement said. “It clearly delineates which acts

Farrakhan Casts Long Shadow on Obama
AINA, CA – Feb 29, 2008
were confronted with a stream of complaints from Jewish members protesting the Minnesota congressman’s participation, according to sources in the JCPA.
Local JCRC builds ‘harmony within diversity’
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
“It began when the JCPA was seeking local representatives of the Latino community to participate in a mission to Israel,” he said.

Jewish Exponent
Groups Voice Their Concern Over Fiery Immigration Rhetoric
Jewish Exponent, PA – Feb 28, 2008
“Lou Dobbs is the poster boy for going absolutely tremendously across the line in so many ways,” said the JCPA’s Hadar Susskind.

The Jewish Journal of greater L.A
Congressman Tom Lantos left behind human rights legacy
The Jewish Journal of greater L.A, CA – Feb 14, 2008
Israel and his tough stance on Iran; and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), which commemorated his contributions to social welfare at home.
Tom Lantos Left Behind Human Rights Legacy
Forward, NY – Feb 11, 2008
Lantos “blazed a trail in the United States Congress fighting for education, health care, human rights, and Israel,” said JCPA, the public-policy umbrella

Gelt Complex: Carter Snubbed, Bush Budget Blasted, Hillel Under
Forward, NY – Feb 6, 2008
Lois Frank, chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, issued a statement saying that while the JCPA “strongly agrees” with the need to cut the deficit


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