Tzipi Livni Protests wednesday M12 @ State House and Harvard KSG

Tzipi Livni, the second most senior official of the zionist colonial occupation regime in Palestine, will apparently be in the Boston area on Wed March 12. Boston Anti-Zionist Action (BAZA) will be protesting her appearances.

We have been searching the net and making a lot of calls trying to verify this information and get more info, but so far we have only two sources of info. I will send another email when I have more information, but it may not be til Monday.  Also updated information will be on the Rule 19 calendar on Monday or Tuesday at

According to an email from the Institute of Politics (see below) and the IOP’s website   , Livni will be speaking at the JFK School at Harvard in Cambridge at 7 PM on Wednesday evening, March 12.    

According to the Thursday March 6 Boston Metro newspaper, “The acting prime minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni, is scheduled to visit the State House next Wednesday, where she will meet with Gov. Deval Patrick and address a crowd at noon.”   

Everyone should protest one or both of these events. I suggest that all groups and individuals who oppose the zionist regime’s occupation of all or part of Palestine, who oppose the zionist regime’s genocidal program against the Palestinians, and/or who oppose the zionist regime’s attacks and threats on other countries in the region (Lebanon, Syria, IranIraqSudanEgypt, etc.) should protest one or both of these events. 

I suggest we should start protesting outside the JFK School  at 5:30 PM while the line of ticket holders is waiting to go in.  The tickets have all been assigned already.

I suggest protesting outside the state house at 11. I don’t know who is allowed to go in and be in the “crowd” to boo Livni. I assume you would have to get there early to go through security. 

 I suggest that the protests should be non-sectarian. I suggest that each group and individual should produce their own emails, flyers and signs. 

BAZA will be supporting Hamas and Hizballah, calling for the zionist regime to stop its genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, calling for zionist rule to end in ALL of Palestine, insisting that all Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes in every part of Palestine, opposing zionist imperialist wars-of-aggression which target every country in the region for destruction, and denouncing Tzipi Livni as a heinous perpetrator of genocide.

If anyone knows of other appearances by Livni during her trip to the Boston area or can verify or expand the info we have, please let us know.


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