PROTEST AGAINST Alan Dershowitz Sunday Sep 21, 2:30 PM

PROTEST AGAINST Alan Dershowitz and Christians & Jews United for Israel (CJUI)
Sunday Sep 21, 2:30 PM
outside Temple Emeth, 194 Grove St, Brookline (at Putterham Circle in South Brookline)
Boston Anti-Zionist Action will be protesting against the CJUI (Christians & Jews United for Israel) third annual Genesis Awards this Sunday afternoon (Sep 21).  This is a rightwing-Zionist anti-Muslim pro-war event.  Please join us to protest. CJUI’s announcement of their event is below
The “Genesis Awards” is CJUI’s main event of the year.  This year CJUI is presenting awards to Alan Dershowitz and also to the Gordon College Israel Initiative.
Alan Dershowitz is a famous lawyer and Harvard Law School professor who is notorious for his pro-“Israel” activism. 
Dershowitz led the opposition against a divestment-from-“Israel” campaign at Harvard and MIT in 2002. Also in 2002, Dershowitz published an editorial in the Jerusalem Post saying that, as a tactic to stop Palestinian resistance, the Zionist regime should destroy entire Palestinian villages.
After left-Zionist author/professor Norman Finkelstein pointed out that Dershowitz’s book “The Case for Israel” is plagiarized as well as being wrong about the history of Palestine, Dershowitz retaliated against Finkelstein by getting Finkelstein’s appearance at the Harvard Book Store cancelled and eventually by using his influence to get DePaul University to deny tenure to Finkelstein. 
There are only a few examples of Dershowitz’s pro-“Israel” activism. Dershowitz is also notorious for calling for government agencies in the “United States” to be allowed to torture suspects.  He suggested that sticking needles under people’s fingernails would be a good method. 
Dershowitz is the star of a new pro-“Israel” propaganda film titled “A Case for Israel: Democracy’s Outpost” that will be premiering on October 30.  BAZA and other pro-Palestine activists will likely be protesting the premiere as well.  
Gordon College is an evangelical Christian college in northeastern Massachusetts. The Gordon College Israel Initiative is a pro-“Israel” student group there.  
CJUI is a hardcore rightwing Zionist group.  It is one of the many Zionist pro-war anti-Muslim groups that Charles Jacobs’ founded or heads.  
Charles Jacobs will also be speaking at the “Genesis Awards” event.  Jacobs is billed as the “founder of the David Project Center for Jewish Leadership“.  The David Project works to promote pro-“Israel” activism on college campuses.  The David Project has led campaigns against pro-Palestinian professors at several colleges.  The David Project also tried to block the building of the ISB Mosque in Roxbury.  Some members of the Gordon College Israel Initiative are “campus fellows” of the David Project. 
Charles Jacobs is the founder of the Boston chapter of CAMERA (the so-called “Committee for Accuracy in Middle-East Reporting in America”).  This group monitors the media and complains when occasionally anyone says anything that is not pro-“Israel” enough.  Jacobs himself led the campaign in Newton to ban Newton public access cable tv from showing “Mosaic World News from the Middle East“, a tv show that shows excerpts of tv news broadcasts from various countries in the Middle East.  The show wasn’t pro-“Israel” and pro-“American” enough for Jacobs. 
Jacobs also founded the so-called “American Anti-Slavery Group“, which exists to falsely accuse Muslim countries of practicing slavery.  Jacobs has also been the director of The Sudan Campaign, a group which falsely accuses the Sudanese government of “genocide” and that calls for increased US warfare against Sudan
Jacobs has also spoken at CUFI (Christians United for Israel) events.  CUFI is John Hagee’s group. Jacobs defended Hagee even after Republican presidential candidate John McCain repudiated Hagee. 
Jacobs is also on the board of advisors of the so-called “Foundation in Defense of Democracies”, a neo-conservative thinktank. Jacobs is also a member of Benador Associates, a neo-conservative public relations firm and speakers bureau.
Another speaker at the “Genesis Awards” event will be Tom Trento. Trento runs an anti-Muslim group called the “Florida Security Council”.  This group calls Muslims terrorists and claims that “radical Islam” is an enormous threat.  They accuse radical Muslims of being responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  Trento is currently on a speaking tour of New England spouting his racist anti-Muslim fearmongering warmongering views.  In addition to speaking at the “Genesis Awards”, Trento will be speaking at the dinner (also at Temple Emeth) afterwards at 6:30, and will be speaking at Temple Israel on Monday night. 
Please join Boston Anti-Zionist Action this Sunday afternoon to protest against CJUI’s entire vile hateful racist zionist imperialist anti-Muslim anti-human event.  

Please join us to call for an end to Zionist Jewish-supremacist genocidal colonial rule in all of Palestine.  All Palestinians must be allowed to return to their homes in all parts of Palestine! Palestine is Arab land. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free! 

Please join us to call for an end to racist attacks and racist oppression against Arabs and Muslims.

Please join us to call for an end to the genocidal US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Remove all US troops from all countries! 

Stop racist propaganda against Sudan! Lift the sanctions against Sudan! Stop the US/UN military invasion of Darfur Sudan!

Stop the wars and threats of war against Pakistan and Iran!

Stop the US/Israeli war against Russia in the Caucuses!

Stop Zionist warfare against Lebanon and Syria!

Lift sanctions and stop racist imperialist demonization of Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Korea and China!

US/UN/Zionists get out of Africa!   

Stop all support to “Israel”! Divest from “Israel”, not from Sudan, not from Iran, not from China!

Investigate 9/11! Don’t let Zionist imperialists get away with false flag operations and fearmongering to justify their wars! 

Stop US/Zionist torture camps! Shut down Guantanamo, Bagram prison in Afghanistan, and all secret prisons! Stop detention and torture of Arabs & Muslims! Free all Palestinian prisoners! Free Aafia Siddiqui!  Keep Alan Dershowitz away from our fingernails!

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