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PROTEST AGAINST Alan Dershowitz Sunday Sep 21, 2:30 PM

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PROTEST AGAINST Alan Dershowitz and Christians & Jews United for Israel (CJUI)
Sunday Sep 21, 2:30 PM
outside Temple Emeth, 194 Grove St, Brookline (at Putterham Circle in South Brookline)
Boston Anti-Zionist Action will be protesting against the CJUI (Christians & Jews United for Israel) third annual Genesis Awards this Sunday afternoon (Sep 21).  This is a rightwing-Zionist anti-Muslim pro-war event.  Please join us to protest. CJUI’s announcement of their event is below
The “Genesis Awards” is CJUI’s main event of the year.  This year CJUI is presenting awards to Alan Dershowitz and also to the Gordon College Israel Initiative.
Alan Dershowitz is a famous lawyer and Harvard Law School professor who is notorious for his pro-“Israel” activism. 
Dershowitz led the opposition against a divestment-from-“Israel” campaign at Harvard and MIT in 2002. Also in 2002, Dershowitz published an editorial in the Jerusalem Post saying that, as a tactic to stop Palestinian resistance, the Zionist regime should destroy entire Palestinian villages.
After left-Zionist author/professor Norman Finkelstein pointed out that Dershowitz’s book “The Case for Israel” is plagiarized as well as being wrong about the history of Palestine, Dershowitz retaliated against Finkelstein by getting Finkelstein’s appearance at the Harvard Book Store cancelled and eventually by using his influence to get DePaul University to deny tenure to Finkelstein. 
There are only a few examples of Dershowitz’s pro-“Israel” activism. Dershowitz is also notorious for calling for government agencies in the “United States” to be allowed to torture suspects.  He suggested that sticking needles under people’s fingernails would be a good method. 
Dershowitz is the star of a new pro-“Israel” propaganda film titled “A Case for Israel: Democracy’s Outpost” that will be premiering on October 30.  BAZA and other pro-Palestine activists will likely be protesting the premiere as well.  
Gordon College is an evangelical Christian college in northeastern Massachusetts. The Gordon College Israel Initiative is a pro-“Israel” student group there.  
CJUI is a hardcore rightwing Zionist group.  It is one of the many Zionist pro-war anti-Muslim groups that Charles Jacobs’ founded or heads.  
Charles Jacobs will also be speaking at the “Genesis Awards” event.  Jacobs is billed as the “founder of the David Project Center for Jewish Leadership“.  The David Project works to promote pro-“Israel” activism on college campuses.  The David Project has led campaigns against pro-Palestinian professors at several colleges.  The David Project also tried to block the building of the ISB Mosque in Roxbury.  Some members of the Gordon College Israel Initiative are “campus fellows” of the David Project. 
Charles Jacobs is the founder of the Boston chapter of CAMERA (the so-called “Committee for Accuracy in Middle-East Reporting in America”).  This group monitors the media and complains when occasionally anyone says anything that is not pro-“Israel” enough.  Jacobs himself led the campaign in Newton to ban Newton public access cable tv from showing “Mosaic World News from the Middle East“, a tv show that shows excerpts of tv news broadcasts from various countries in the Middle East.  The show wasn’t pro-“Israel” and pro-“American” enough for Jacobs. 
Jacobs also founded the so-called “American Anti-Slavery Group“, which exists to falsely accuse Muslim countries of practicing slavery.  Jacobs has also been the director of The Sudan Campaign, a group which falsely accuses the Sudanese government of “genocide” and that calls for increased US warfare against Sudan
Jacobs has also spoken at CUFI (Christians United for Israel) events.  CUFI is John Hagee’s group. Jacobs defended Hagee even after Republican presidential candidate John McCain repudiated Hagee. 
Jacobs is also on the board of advisors of the so-called “Foundation in Defense of Democracies”, a neo-conservative thinktank. Jacobs is also a member of Benador Associates, a neo-conservative public relations firm and speakers bureau.
Another speaker at the “Genesis Awards” event will be Tom Trento. Trento runs an anti-Muslim group called the “Florida Security Council”.  This group calls Muslims terrorists and claims that “radical Islam” is an enormous threat.  They accuse radical Muslims of being responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  Trento is currently on a speaking tour of New England spouting his racist anti-Muslim fearmongering warmongering views.  In addition to speaking at the “Genesis Awards”, Trento will be speaking at the dinner (also at Temple Emeth) afterwards at 6:30, and will be speaking at Temple Israel on Monday night. 
Please join Boston Anti-Zionist Action this Sunday afternoon to protest against CJUI’s entire vile hateful racist zionist imperialist anti-Muslim anti-human event.  

Please join us to call for an end to Zionist Jewish-supremacist genocidal colonial rule in all of Palestine.  All Palestinians must be allowed to return to their homes in all parts of Palestine! Palestine is Arab land. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free! 

Please join us to call for an end to racist attacks and racist oppression against Arabs and Muslims.

Please join us to call for an end to the genocidal US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Remove all US troops from all countries! 

Stop racist propaganda against Sudan! Lift the sanctions against Sudan! Stop the US/UN military invasion of Darfur Sudan!

Stop the wars and threats of war against Pakistan and Iran!

Stop the US/Israeli war against Russia in the Caucuses!

Stop Zionist warfare against Lebanon and Syria!

Lift sanctions and stop racist imperialist demonization of Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Korea and China!

US/UN/Zionists get out of Africa!   

Stop all support to “Israel”! Divest from “Israel”, not from Sudan, not from Iran, not from China!

Investigate 9/11! Don’t let Zionist imperialists get away with false flag operations and fearmongering to justify their wars! 

Stop US/Zionist torture camps! Shut down Guantanamo, Bagram prison in Afghanistan, and all secret prisons! Stop detention and torture of Arabs & Muslims! Free all Palestinian prisoners! Free Aafia Siddiqui!  Keep Alan Dershowitz away from our fingernails!

Genocidal Jews celebrating mass murder tonight M20

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The Jewish holiday Purim starts at sundown tonight (March 20, 2008).á

According to the Megillah or Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible, Purim is a celebration of the killing of 75,000 Persians by the Jews. áAccording to the story, Esther, a Jew was the wife of an ancient Persian king. áEsther found out about a plot by the king’s Prime Minister (named Haman) to kill Jews. Esther went to the king and told him. The plot was foiled. áThe king had the prime minister and his ten sons hanged, and made Esther’s father the new prime minister. But even though the plot had been foiled, the Jews went ahead and slaughtered 75,000 people. áThen the feast of Purim was declared in celebration.á

Some Jews today who celebrate Purim may think of it as celebrating only Esther’s foiling Haman’s plot. áThey may not think of it as celebrating the killing of the 75,000 people, even though the Book of Esther, that they read at the ceremonies, does say that that is what the celebration is about. áSome Jews who celebrate Purim today may think of the Book of Esther as an ancient or even mythical story that is not relevant to current events and is not a model for how Jews should behave in the modern world.á

However a lot of áZionist imperialist Jews today around the world, including Zionist Jews in Palestine and in Massachusetts, use or misuse the Purim holiday to falsely claim that there are modern day plots against the Jews. These Zionist Jews use Purim to call for war, killing and genocide against people in the modern world whom they label as enemies of the Jews. In some cases they even carry out massacres of non-Jews on Purim.á

On Purim 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a “US”-born follower of Meir Kahane who became a settler in 1967-occupied Palestine, massacred 29 áPalestinian Arabs and wounded over 100 in a mosque in Hebron. á Rightwing Zionist Jews are still praising Goldstein and his Purim massacre.á

Some Zionist Jews think of the 2003 “US” shock-and-awe attack and invasion of Iraq as a Purim execution of enemies of the Jews, something that should be celebrated. áAn example of this thinking is atá and I will also paste it in below.

In 2007, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC) asked all rabbis in Massachusetts to preach Purim sermons about the so-called “threat” from Iran (modern-day Persian) and demonizing President Ahmadinejad of Iran. áJCRC has removed this from their website now. But I can still find announcements from other Jewish groups in the “USA” over the past couple years of Purim protests against Iran where they explicitly compare President Ahmadinejad to Haman of ancient Persia and thus are implicitly calling for war against Iran and slaughter of Iranians. áFor example seeá á I’ll try to paste this in below too, but the pic of the flyer may not go through to email lists.

I’m suggesting that everyone should boycott Purim and Purim parties. áAs far as I know every self-identified “Jewish” organization and every Jewish temple in Massachusetts is Zionist. áThere are a few anti-zionist Jewish organizations and temples in the New York City area, but as far as I know there are no other anti-zionist Jewish organizations in North America. áIf there are others please let me know. áTherefore any Purim party you may go to is likely to be organized by zionists, by Jews who reject the truth. The truth is that Jews are a privileged social group. áJews are not an oppressed group. áBut Zionists and imperialists use the fiction that Jews are a threatened group to justify occupation and Jewish-supremacist rule of all of Palestine and to justify wars against other countries (Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.) near Palestine. áThe Zionist colony in Palestine is on stolen land. áPalestinians want justice and to live in peace in their own country.áThe Jewish-supremacist colonial regime has nuclear weapons and billions of dollars of aid from the “USA”. áJews who think that the Palestinians are the aggressors – Jews who think that the people & leaders of other countries in the middle east (who don’t want to be nuked) are threats to “the poor Jews” – áthese Zionist Jews have warped backwards thinking. Their Purim parties should be boycotted because their Purim celebrations are likely to be calls for war and celebration of massacres of non-Jews.á

Traditionally at Purim events, foods that represent body parts of executed Haman are served. áHamantashen represent Haman’s ears.á á á áKreplach represent Haman’s beaten flesh.áááTo modern-day Zionist-imperialist Jews these pastries may represent body parts of Muslims demonized as modern-day Hamans. áOther features common at Purim celebrations are cheese blintzes and noisemakers. áIf you go to any kind of party (even if it is not called a Purim party) in the next couple days, watch out for these traditional elements of Purim celebrations being snuck into the party. Zionist Jews like to trick goyim into celebrating their holiday of mass murder. áThis somehow is a funny inside joke to psychopathic Jewish-supremacists, a psychological demonstration of their supposed superiority. á

There is a short article by anti-war activist Tom Mysiewics that was published on in 2003 atá about Zionist-imperialist Jewish attempts to involved non-Jews in Purim rituals, and about the invasion of Iraq being an example of this. áMysiewics found a quote from Elie Wiesel where even Elie Wiesel (who worked for Zionist-terrorist group Irgun in 1948, and who after 9/11 was a prominent proponent of the invasion of Iraq) says that the killing of the 75,000 Persians is a problematic element of the Purim story. áI’m pasting this article in below too

Lastly anti-zionist ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon wrote an article last year entitled “From Esther to AIPAC” in which he opposed Purim from another angle arguing that the lesson of Purim is that Jews should be like Esther and infiltrate non-Jewish institutions in order to use fearmongering to advance Jewish interests.á á Also below.á

If you were about to go out to a Purim party I suggest you stay home and read these articles instead. áIf you do go to the party please be aware of what is going on there and please speak up to argue against the zionist theft of Palestine and against the zionist-imperialist wars of aggression on Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.á

~ David Rolde
This War is for Us
by Ariel Natan Pasko
Stop and think for a moment: the last Gulf War in 1991 ended erev – just before – Purim. This Gulf War began motzei – just after – Shushan Purim. Get the picture? In between, “The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honor.” (Book of Esther 8:16)
Of course this war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein is for us. Even the anti-Semites, like Patrick J. Buchanan and Congressman Jim Moran know it. Pat Buchanan has been accusing the neo-conservatives, what he calls the War Party – i.e., the Jews and their followers in America – of pushing the United States into this war. He’s also blamed Prime Minister Sharon and Israel for wanting the war. That’s what he said in a recent article, “Whose War?” Rep. Moran recently came out of the closet saying, “If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this.” Other anti-Semites have also been saying it.á
They’re both right, and dead wrong. True, most Jews in America and Israel want the US to capture Saddam Hussein and his gang, disarm Iraq of Weapons of Mass Destruction, institute some form of regime change, and introduce freedom and democracy. But so do most Americans, many Iraqis, and many other freedom-loving people in the region and around the world. Although it might be in Israel’s interest to see the ‘neighborhood bully’ – Iraq – have its non-conventional weapons confiscated, it is also in America’s interest, it is also in Europe’s interest, it is even in Russia’s and China’s interest – they have both been plagued by Islamic terror in recent years. And, though they might not like to admit it publicly, it is even in the interest of Arab states in the region.á
Nobody who thinks about it for a couple of seconds should want a dictator like Saddam Hussein – who has already used chemical weapons on his own citizens, the Kurds, and his neighbors, the Iranians – to have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Whether he uses them himself or passes them off to terror groups like al-Qaida, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, the Chechens, or Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who wants some nut cases releasing Small Pox, Anthrax, or VX Nerve Gas onto innocent civilian populations?á
However, we already knew that this war is for us – i.e., the Jews and Israel. Chazal – our sages – throughout the ages have explained the Torah, telling us that everything that happens in the world is for the benefit of the Jewish People.
Simply put another way, if all the world is a stage, then the Jews – and especially those in the Land of Israel – are the lead actors on the stage of history, and the goyim – the nations, i.e. the gentiles – have supporting roles, while the evil-doers are props and background scenery. As our tradition states, G-D – the great playwright – created the world for the sake of the Jewish People, and it is our responsibility to implement the Torah – absolute morality and the blueprint of creation – in it.á
Stop and think for a moment: the last Gulf War in 1991 ended erev – just before – Purim. This Gulf War began motzei – just after – Shushan Purim. Get the picture? In between, “The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honor.” (Book of Esther 8:16)
Read the Purim story in Megilat Esther again, it is a rags to riches story on a national scale. Haman, the proto-typical anti-Semite, plans mass murder of the Jews and in the end pays with his life, the life of his ten sons – all hanged – and the Jews kill 75, 800 members of the anti-Semitic – i.e. Nazi – party of the time.á
This is not so different from the Nuremberg Trials after World War II, when 23 Nazi war criminals were tried. Originally 11 were to have the death penalty imposed if found guilty. Everybody in those days thought that they would be shot – as is customary in military executions – or get the electric chair – as was common in the United States. But when the judges announced the verdict of guilty, they also said that hanging would be the method of execution. Two hours before the execution, they found Hermann Goering dead in his cell. He had committed suicide. That left only 10 Nazis to execute.á
There is more to this story than meets the eye. In Megilat Esther (9:7-9), when it describes the execution of Haman’s ten sons, their names are listed in a vertical column. If you look at the Hebrew closely, you’ll notice extra-small letters in three of the names. The first name, Parshandata, has a small tav. The seventh name, Parmashta, has a small shin. The tenth name, Vayzata, has a small zayn. Hebrew letters are also used as numbers, as well as for dates in the Jewish calendar. Tav, shin, zayn numerically means 707, corresponding to the year 5707, which began with Rosh HaShanah – the Jewish New Year – on September 25, 1946. On October 16, 1946, as foreshadowed in the names of Haman’s ten sons, ten Nazi leaders were hanged as war criminals. And if that doesn’t impress you, out of nowhere, with the rope around his neck, Julius Schtreicher – editor of Der Sturmer, the Nazi propaganda newspaper – shouted out with flaming hatred in his eyes, just as the trap door opened, “Purimfest 1946!” It was reported in the international press of the day.á
As I said earlier, of course this war is for the Jews and Israel, and instead of hiding from the accusation, or crying, “anti-Semitic slur”, we should gratefully acknowledge what the Master of the Universe is doing to our enemies for us. Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Bashar Assad, Osama Bin-Laden, and the other dictators, terrorists and mullahs of the region, are the modern day Hamans and Hitlers.á
Great things are yet to come. The Hebrew month of Adar is a time for ‘increasing joy’. Purim is a time for celebrating our salvation from enemies who plot our destruction. Adar falls at the end of the calendar for months and the end of the winter. And after Adar comes Nisan – or Aviv, meaning springtime. Springtime is a time of rebirth and regeneration after a long dark winter. Pesach – Passover – Z’man Cherutainu – the time of our freedom – falls in Nisan. In Nisan, we were redeemed from slavery in Egypt, and the future redemption will be in Nisan.
Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook taught that we were liberated from Egyptian bondage in order to bring liberation to the entire world. The Torah repeats three times that we departed Egypt in the springtime (Exodus 13:4, 26:15, and Deuteronomy 16:1), because our freedom is not only the spring of our people, but also the spring of the entire world and its inhabitants. The objective of our liberation is to perfect the world under the reign of the Almighty, as G-d promised Abraham, “and through you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)
Yes, the war is for the Jews. But it is also for all decent, peace-loving and freedom-loving people. Just as when the Jews were saved from Egyptian slavery, liberated, given the Torah at Mt. Sinai, and brought into the Holy Land, the world now has a great opportunity to rid itself of the Hamans, Hitlers, and Pharaohs who want to kill or enslave them today.á
In the Purim story, Mordechai told Queen Esther, when she seemed apprehensive about approaching the king to ask for help to avert Haman’s plan of genocide, “If you remain silent at this time, then relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from elsewhere, but you and your father’s house will perish.” (Book of Esther 4:14) That is what we should tell the Pat Buchanans, the Jim Morans, and all those in America and around the world who say that the Jews are behind America’s war in Iraq. That is what we should tell all those in the ?Anti-War Movement? who are against America.á
Pat Buchanan really is Anti-American, though he hides it well. Who could imagine an isolationist America, disengaged from the world, as he advocates? Terrorists and terrorist states would multiply. It would end up bringing more tragedies like September 11th to America. Rather than blame America’s support for Israel for September 11th, as he and Jihadist Muslims have done, Israel, America, and their allies will lessen the threat of mass murder, through war on Iraq, on other terror-regimes, and on terrorist groups.á
Great things are coming, for the Jewish People, for the State of Israel, for America, for the Western democratic world, and for all those who aspire to be like them. And why should we apologize for that?á
Ariel Natan Pasko, an independent analyst and consultant, has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Policy Analysis. His articles appear regularly on numerous news/views and think-tank websites, in newspapers, and can be read at
(c) 2003/5763 Pasko


Posted on March 9, 2006 by Maya
This taken from an email I just received. The timing is perfect since Purim is next week.

9 March 2006News
Hamanעs back!
Just as the evil Haman in the Purim story sought to wipe out Jewish people, so too Persiaעs present-day leader, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, has publicly proclaimed that Israel should be ףwiped off the mapפ. And just as the heroic Queen Esther declared a fast to draw attention to the mortal danger to her people, so too has Amcha-Coalition for Jewish Concerns and a group of schools. They will conduct a prayer vigil on Monday, March 13th ק the Fast of Esther, the day preceding Purim ק at 12:30 pm, at the Iranian UN Mission, 622 Third Avenue, at 40th Street, Manhattan.
ףThe Bible recounts how Queen Esther stated that she could not stand idly by as her people faced destruction,פ said Rabbis Avi Weiss and Etan Mintz of CJC-Amcha. ףSo too we cannot stand by as the leader of Iran states denies the past ק the Holocaust ק and seeks to deny the Jewish people their future by destroying Israel. We urge everyone who can possibly join us to participate.פ

Co-sponsoring groups include: The New York Board of Rabbis, International Sephardic Leadership Council, The Center for the Jewish Future, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, The Frisch School, SAR Academy, The Ramaz School, Maayanot, HAFTR and Yeshiva University High School for Boys. For information on the prayer vigil, please contact Amcha-CJC at (718) 796-4730.

Purim 2003: This year in Iraq?


by Tom Mysiewicz

“I confess I never did understand this part of the Book of Esther.á After all, the catastrophe was averted; the massacre did not take place.á Why then this call for bloodshed?á Five hundred men were slain in Shushan in one day and three hundred the next.á Seventy-five thousand persons lost their lives elsewhere…Is this why we are told to get drunk and forget?á To erase the boundaries between reality and fantasy–and think that it all happened only in a dream?…This must explain why God chose not to give His name to the Book of Esther:á He refused to be associated with the denouement–with the bloodshed.á It was His way of saying, Don’t ascribe this to me; I had nothing to do with it; you wanted revenge, all right–but don’t make me responsible for it.”

Ellie Wiesel, Nobel Prize Winner
(Copyright 1991 by Elirion Associates, Inc.)

“There are no historical documents to verify the story of Purim.á Some scholars think that the events in the Megillah did not occur, but rather that they are based on stories related to the Babylonian gods such Ishtar (Esther?) and Marduk (Mordechai?)”…In some communities it was not enough to drown out Haman’s name with noise.á People also made effigies of Haman and burned them.á This practice led to instances on Purim when Jews made and burned effigies which resembled new enemies, helping them to vent their hate and frustrations.”

Dalin Renberg in “The Complete Family Guide to Jewish Holidays”
(Copyright 1985 by Adama Books, N.Y.C.)


My earliest memories of Purim as a non-Jewish boy growing up in East New York was an elderly Jew (with curls) giving me a “gragger”–the ceremonial noise maker used in Purim celebrations.á I walked along happily spinning it until I came across my Eastern European grandfather, who immediately hurled it away (with horror) and gave me the first “lickin'” I can remember–and it was a pretty good one!


I’m thinking of that Purim some 45 years ago and am afraid the United States may be unknowingly participating in an ancient ritual–much like Iádid as a young boy so long ago.á I have long been afraid that the U.S. might “choose” this time for its invasion of Iraq and the final installation of the Israeli Stateáas the dominant Mid-East power because of the extremely negative signal this would give to Islamic extremists and even countries in the region and elsewhere.á That this year, the celebration of bloodshed on Purim might be more than a dream or a ritual.á That instead of the sounds “graggers”. the night of March 17th mayáecho with the sounds of a massive U.S. bombardment–the so-called “shock and awe” bombardment of Iraq that we are being prepared to accept.


Australia’s Daily Telegraph on March 6th reported that British troops had been told the bombardment would commence March 13th with the actual invasion slated for March 17th.


If this is the case, manyábooking March 13th-21st Purim travel packages to the Mid East may want to reconsider.á And President Bush may want to go back and fill in a few of the gaps in his education, especially since Rabbinic teaching also holds that the Purim celebration will continue even after the “Messianic Period” begins, apparently in 2016 if one is to take seriously what’s being said in some circles.

Purim Special

From Esther to AIPAC


“In certain contexts, memory can be subversive; in others, memory can shield the status quo. When individuals and communities become vested with memory as a form of identity and specialness, then other suffering threatens to displace the centrality of our experience. Instead of a bridge of solidarity to others who are suffering in the present, suffering in the past can become a badge of honour, protecting us from the challenges that are before us. Then our witness, originally powerful, opening questions about God and power, becomes diluted, can be seen as fake, contrived, even wilfully so. An industry grows up around you, honours you, and at the same time uses your witness for other reasons. In the end a confusion results, externally and internally, until the witness himself can no longer differentiate between the world of interpretation he helped articulate and the world that now speaks in his name. Is this what happened to Wiesel, or is Finkelstein’s more acerbic analysis accurate?”[1]


Jewishness is a rather broad term. It refers to a culture with many faces, varied distinctive groups, different beliefs, opposing political camps, different classes and diversified ethnicity. Nevertheless, the connection between those very many people who happen to identify themselves as Jews is rather intriguing. In the paragraphs that follow, I will try to further the search into the notion of Jewishness. I will make an attempt to trace the intellectual, spiritual and mythological collective bond that makes Jewishness into a powerful identity.

Clearly, Jewishness is neither a racial nor an ethnic category. Though Jewish identity is racially and ethnically orientated, the Jewish people do not form a homogenous group. There is no racial or ethnic continuum. Jewishness may be seen by some as a continuation of Judaism. I would maintain that this is not necessarily the case either. Though Jewishness borrows some fundamental Judaic elements, Jewishness is not Judaism and it is even categorically different from Judaism. Furthermore, as we know, more than a few of those who proudly define themselves as Jews have very little knowledge of Judaism, many of them are atheists, non-religious and even overtly oppose Judaism or any other religion. Many of those Jews who happen to oppose Judaism happen to maintain their Jewish identity and to be extremely proud about it[2]. This opposition to Judaism obviously includes Zionism (at least the early version) but it also is the basis of much of Jewish socialist anti-Zionism.

Though Jewishness is different from Judaism one may still wonder just what constitutes Jewishness: whether it is a new form of religion an ideology or if it is just a ‘state of mind’.

If Jewishness is indeed a religion, the next questions that have to be asked are, “what kind of religion is it? What does this religion entail? What do its followers believe in?” If it is a religion, one may wonder whether it is possible to divorce from it as much as it is possible to step out of Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

If Jewishness is an ideology, then the right questions to ask are, “what does this ideology stand for? Does it form a discourse? Is it a monolithic discourse? Does it portray a new world order? Is it aiming for peace or violence? Does it carry a universal message to humanity or is it just another manifestation of some tribal precepts?”

If Jewishness is a state of mind, then the question to raise is whether it is rational or irrational. Is it within the expressible or rather within the inexpressible?

At this point I may suggest to consider the remote possibility that Jewishness may be a strange hybrid, it can be all of those things at once i.e., a religion, an ideology and a state of mind.

The Holocaust Religion

“Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the philosopher who was an observant orthodox Jew, told me once: “The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust.” (Uri Avnery[3])

Philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the German born Hebrew University professor, was probably the first to suggest that the Holocaust has become the new Jewish religion. ‘The Holocaust’ is far more than historical narrative, it indeed contains most of the essential religious elements: it has its priests (Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt, etc.) and prophets (Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and those who warn about the Iranian Judeocide to come). It has its commandments and dogmas (‘never again’, ‘six million’, etc.). It has its rituals (memorial days, Pilgrimage to Auschwitz etc.). It establishes an esoteric symbolic order (kapo, gas chambers, chimneys, dust, Musselmann, etc.). It has its shrines and temples (Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum and now the UN). If this is not enough, the Holocaust religion is also maintained by a massive economic network and global financial infrastructures (Holocaust industry a la Norman Finkelstein). Most interestingly, the Holocaust religion is coherent enough to define the new ‘antichrists’ (the Deniers) and it is powerful enough to persecute them (Holocaust denial laws).

Critical scholars who dispute the notion of ‘Holocaust religion’ suggest that though the new emerging religion retains many characteristics of an organised religion, it doesn’t establish an external God figure to point at, to worship or to love. I myself cannot agree less. I insist that the Holocaust religion embodies the essence of the liberal democratic worldview. It is there to offer a new form of worshiping. It made self loving into a dogmatic belief in which the observant follower worships himself. In the new religion it is ‘the Jew’ whom the Jews worship. It is all about ‘me’, the subject of endless suffering who makes it into redemption.

However, more than a few Jewish scholars in Israel and abroad happen to accept Leibowitz’s observation. Amongst them is Marc Ellis, the prominent Jewish theologian who suggests a revealing insight into the dialectic of the new religion. “Holocaust theology,” says Ellis, “yields three themes that exist in dialectical tension: suffering and empowerment, innocence and redemption, specialness and normalization.”[4]

Though Holocaust religion didn’t replace Judaism, it gave Jewishness a new meaning. It sets a modern Jewish narrative allocating the Jewish subject within a Jewish project. It allocates the Jew a central role within his own self-centred universe. The ‘sufferer’ and the ‘innocent’ are marching towards ‘redemption’ and ’empowerment’. God is obviously out of the game, he is fired, he has failed in his historic mission, he wasn’t there to save the Jews. Within the new religion the Jew becomes ‘the Jews’ new God’, it is all about the Jew who redeems himself.

The Jewish follower of the Holocaust religion idealises the condition of his existence. He then sets a framework of a future struggle towards recognition. For the Zionist follower of the new religion, the implications seem to be relatively durable. He is there to ‘schlep’ the entirety of world Jewry to Zion at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people. For the Socialist Jew, the project is slightly more complicated. For him redemption means setting a new world order, namely a socialist haven. A world dominated by dogmatic working class politics in which Jews happen to be no more than just one minority amongst many. For the humanist observant, Holocaust religion means that Jews must locate themselves at the forefront of the struggle against racism, oppression and evil in general. Though it sounds promising, it happens to be problematic because of obvious reasons. In our current world order it is Israel and America that happen to be amongst the leading oppressive evils. Expecting Jews to be in the forefront of humanist struggle sets Jews in a fight against their brethren and their supportive single superpower. However, It is rather clear that all three Holocaust churches assign the Jews a major project with some global implications.



As we can see, the Holocaust functions as an ideological interface. It provides its follower with a logos. On the level of consciousness, it suggests a purely analytical vision of the past and present, yet, it doesn’t stop just there, it also defines the struggle to come. It defines a vision of a Jewish future. Nevertheless, as a consequence it fills the Jewish subject’s unconsciousness with the ultimate anxiety: the destruction of the ‘I’.
Needless to say, a faith that stimulates the consciousness (Ideology) and steers the unconsciousness (Spirit) is a very good recipe for a winning religion. This structural bond of ideology and spirit is fundamental to the Judaic tradition. The bond between the legal clarity of the halacah (ideology) and the mysteriousness of Jehovah or even Kabala (spirit) makes Judaism into a totality, a universe in itself. Bolshevism, the mass movement rather than the political theory, is built upon the same structure, the lucidity of pseudo-scientific materialism together with the fear of the capitalistic appetite. Neoconservative’s politics of fear is again all about locking the subject in the chasm between the alleged forensic lucidity of WMDs and the inexpressible fright of ‘terror to come’.

This very bond between consciousness and unconsciousness brings to mind the Lacanian notion of the ‘real’. The ‘real’ is that which cannot be symbolized i.e., expressed in words. The real is the ‘inexpressible’, the inaccessible. In Zizek’s words, ‘the real is impossible’, ‘the real is the trauma’. Nevertheless, it is this trauma that shapes the symbolic order. It is the trauma that forms our reality.

The Holocaust religion fits nicely into the Lacanian model. Its spiritual core is rooted deeply within the domain of the inexpressible. Its preaching teaches us to see a threat in everything. It is the ultimate conjunction between the ideology and the spirit that has materialised into sheer pragmatism.

Interestingly enough, the Holocaust religion extends far beyond the internal Jewish discourse. In fact the new religion operates as a mission. It sets shrines in far lands. As we can see, the emerging religion is already becoming a new world order. It is the Holocaust that is now used as an alibi to nuke Iran[5]. Clearly, Holocaust religion serves the Jewish political discourse both on the right and left but it appeals to the Goyim as well, especially those who are engaged in merciless killing ‘in the name of freedom'[6]. To a certain extent we are all subject to this religion, some of us are worshipers, others are just subject to its power. Interestingly enough, those who deny the Holocaust are themselves subject to abuse by the high priests of this religion. Holocaust religion constitutes the Western ‘Real’. We are not allowed to touch it or to look into it. Very much like the Israelites who are entitled to obey their God but never to question him.



The Scholars who are engaged in the study of the Holocaust religion (theology, ideology and historicity), are engaged mainly with structural formulations, its meanings, its rhetoric and its historical interpretation. Some happen to search for the theological dialectic (Marc Ellis), others formulate the commandments (Adi Ofir), some learn its historical evolution (Lenni Brenner), other expose its financial infrastructure (Finkelstein). Interestingly enough, most scholars who are engaged in the subject of Holocaust religion are engaged with a list of events that happened between 1933-1945. Most of the scholars are themselves orthodox observants. Though they may be critical of different aspects of the exploitation of the Holocaust, they all accept the validity of the Nazi Judeocide and its mainstream interpretations and implications. Most of the scholars, if not all of them, do not challenge the Zionist narrative, namely Nazi Judeocide, yet, more than a few are critical of the way Jewish and Zionist institutes employ the Holocaust. Though some may dispute the numbers (Shraga Elam), and others question the validity of memory (Ellis, Finkelstein), no one goes as far as revisionism, not a single Holocaust religion scholar dares engage in a dialogue with the so-called ‘deniers’ to discuss their vision of the events or any other revisionist scholarship.

Far more interesting is the fact that none of the Holocaust religion scholars have spent any energy studying the role of the Holocaust within the long-standing Jewish continuum. From this point onward, I will maintain that Holocaust religion was well established a long time before the Final Solution (1942), well before the Kristalnacht (1938), well before the Nuremberg Laws (1936), well before the first anti-Jewish law was announced by Nazi Germany, well before the American Jewish Congress declared a financial war against Nazi Germany (1933) and even well before Hitler was born (1889). The Holocaust religion is probably as old as the Jews.


Jewish Archetypes

In a previous paper I have defined the notion of ‘Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder’ (Pre-TSD) [7]. Within the condition of the Pre-TSD, the stress is the outcome of a phantasmic imaginary episode set in the future, an event that has never taken place. Unlike the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, in which stress is realised as the direct reaction to an event that (may) have taken place in the past, within the state of Pre-TSD, the stress is formed as the outcome of an imaginary potential event. Within the Pre-TSD an illusion pre-empts the conditions in which the fantasy of future terror is shaping the present reality.

As it seems, the dialectic of fear dominates the Jewish existence as well as mindset far longer than we are ready to admit. Though fright is exploited politically by Jewish ethnic leaders since the early days of emancipation, the dialectic of fear is far older than modern Jewish history. In fact it is the heritage of the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible) that is there to set the Jew in a pre-traumatic state. It is the Hebrew Bible that sets a binary framework of Innocence/Suffering and Persecution/Empowerment. More particularly, the fear of Judeocide is entangled with Jewish spirit, culture and literature.

I would argue here that the Holocaust religion was there to transform the ancient Israelites into Jews.

The American anthropologist Glenn Bowman who specialised in the study of exilic identities offers a crucial insight into the subject of fear and its contribution to the subject of Identity politics. “Antagonism,” says Bowman, “is fundamental to process of fetishsation underlying identity, because one tends precisely to talk about who one is or what one is at a moment in which that being seems threatened. I begin to call myself such and such a person, or such and such a representative of an imagined community, at the moment something seems to threaten to disallow the being the name I speak stands in for. Identity terms come into usage at precisely the moment in which for some reason one comes to feel they signifying a being or entity one has to fight to defend.” [8]

In short, Bowman stresses that it is the fear that crystallises the notion of identity. However, once the fear is matured into a state of a collective pre-traumatic stress then identity re-forms itself. When it comes to the Jewish people, it is the Bible that is there to set the Jews within a state of Pre-TSD. It is the Bible that initiates the fear of Judeocide.



More and more Bible scholars are now disputing the historicity of the Bible. Niels Lechme in ‘The Canaanites and Their Land’ argues that the Bible is for the most part “written after the Babylonian Exile and that those writings rework (and in large part invent) previous Israelite history so that it reflects and reiterates the experiences of those returning from the Babylonian exile.”[9]

In other words, being written by home-comers, the Bible incorporates some hardcore exilic ideology into an historic narrative. Very much like in the case of the early Zionist ideologist who regarded assimilation as a death threat, “The communities which aggregated under the leadership of the Yahwehist priesthood (at the time of the Babylonian exile) saw assimilation and apostasy not only as social death for themselves as Judeans but also as attempted deicide. They resolved to maintain an absolute and exclusive commitment to Yahweh who they were sure would lead them back to the land from which they had been expelled. The prescribed blood purity as a means of maintaining the borders of the national community, thus proscribed inter-marriage with those surrounding them. They also established a series of exclusivist rituals that set themselves off from their neighbours, and these not only included a surrogate form of temple worship but also a distinct calendar which ritualistically enabled them to exist in a different time frame than the communities with which they shared space. All of these diacritical devices served to mark and maintain difference, but did not prevent them from trading with and thus being able to sustain themselves amongst the Babylonians.”

Looking into Bowman and Lechme’s spectacular reading of the Bible and the Judaic narrative as a manifestation of exilic and marginal identity may explain the fact that Jewishness flourishes in exile but rather loses its impetus once it becomes a domestic adventure. If Jewishness is indeed centred around an ΘmigrΘ collective survival ideology, than its follower will prosper in Exile. However, that which maintains the Jewish collective identity is fear. Similar to the case of Holocaust religion, Jewishness sets the fear of Judeocide at the core of the Jewish psyche, yet, it also offers the spiritual, ideological and pragmatic measures to deal with this fear.

Book of Esther

The Book of Esther is a biblical story that is the basis for the celebration of Purim, probably the most joyous Jewish festival. The book tells the story of an attempted Judeocide but it also tells a story in which Jews manage to change their fate. In the book the Jews do manage to rescue themselves and even to mete revenge.

It is set in the third year of Ahasuerus, and the ruler is a king of Persia usually identified with Xerxes I. It is a story of a palace, conspiracy, an attempted Judeocide and a brave and beautiful Jewish queen (Esther) who manages to save the Jewish people at the very last minute.

In the story, King Ahasuerus is married to Vashti, whom he repudiates after she rejects his offer to ‘visit’ him during a feast. Esther was selected from the candidates to be Ahasuerus’s new wife. As the story progresses, Ahasuerus’s prime minister Haman plots to have the king kill all the Jews without knowing that Esther is actually Jewish. In the story, Esther together with her cousin Mordechai saves the day for their people. At the risk of endangering her own safety, Esther warns Ahasuerus of Haman’s murderous anti-Jewish plot. Haman and his sons are hanged on the fifty cubit gallows he had originally built for cousin Mordecai. As it happens, Mordecai takes Haman’s place, he becomes the prime minister. Ahasuerus’s edict decreeing the murder of the Jews cannot be rescinded, so he issues another edict allowing the Jews to take up arms and kill their enemies, which they do.

The moral of the story is rather clear. If Jews want to survive, they better find infiltrates into the corridors of power. With Esther, Mordechai and Purim in mind, AIPAC and the notion of ‘Jewish power’ looks like an embodiment of a deep Biblical and cultural ideology.

However, here is the interesting twist. Though the story is presented as an historic tale, the historical accuracy of the Book of Esther is largely disputed by most modern Bible Scholars. It is largely the lack of clear corroboration of any of the details of the story of the Book of Esther with what is known of Persian History from classical sources that led scholars to come to a conclusion that the story is mostly or even totally fictional.

In other words, though the moral is clear, the attempted genocide is fictional. Seemingly, the Book of Esther set its followers into a collective Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It makes a fantasy of destruction into an ideology of survival. And indeed, some read the story as an allegory of quintessentially assimilated Jews who discover that they are targets of anti-Semitism, but are also in a position to save themselves and their fellow Jews.

Keeping Bowman in mind may throw some light here. The Book of Esther is there to form the exilic identity. It is there to implant the existential stress, it introduces the Holocaust religion. It sets the conditions that turn the Holocaust into reality.

Interestingly enough, the Book of Esther (in the Hebrew version) is one of only two books of the Bible that do not directly mention God (the other is Song of Songs). In the Book of Esther it is the Jews who believe in themselves, in their own power, in their uniqueness, in their sophistication, in their ability to conspire, in their ability to take over kingdoms, in their ability to save themselves. The Book of Esther is all about empowerment and the Jews who believe in their powers.

From Purim to Birkenau

In an article named “A Purim Lesson: Lobbying Against Genocide, Then and Now”[10], Dr. Rafael Medoff shares with his readers what he regards as the lesson inherited to the Jews by the Book of Esther. If to be more precise, it is the art of lobbying which Esther and Mordechai are there to teach us. “The holiday of Purim” says Medoff, “celebrates the successful effort by prominent Jews in the capitol of ancient Persia to prevent genocide against the Jewish people.” But Medoff doesn’t stop just there. This specific exercise of what some call ‘Jewish power’ has been carried forward and performed by modern emancipated Jews: “What is not well known is that a comparable lobbying effort took place in modern times — in Washington, D.C., at the peak of the Holocaust.”

In the article Medoff explores the similarities between Esther’s lobbying in Persia and her modern brothers lobbying within the FDR’s administration at the pick of WW2. “The Esther in 1940s Washington was Henry Morgenthau Jr.” says Medoff, “a wealthy, assimilated Jew of German descent who (as his son later put it) was anxious to be regarded as ‘one hundred percent American.’ Downplaying his Jewishness, Morgenthau gradually rose from being FDR’s friend and adviser to his Treasury Secretary.”

Clearly, Medoff spotted a modern Mordechai as well, “a young Zionist emissary from Jerusalem, Peter Bergson (real name: Hillel Kook) who led a series of protest campaigns to bring about U.S. rescue of Jews from Hitler. The Bergson group’s newspaper ads and public rallies roused public awareness of the Holocaust — particularly when it organized over 400 rabbis to march to the front gate of the White House just before Yom Kippur in 1943.”

Medoff’s reading of the Book of Esther provides us with a glaring insight into the internal code of Jewish collective survival dynamics in which the assimilated (Esther) and the observant (Mordechai) are joining forces with clear Judeo centric interests in their minds.

According to Medoff the similarities are indeed shocking. “Mordechai’s pressure finally convinced Esther to go to the king; the pressure of Morgenthau’s aides finally convinced him to go to the president, armed with a stinging 18-page report that they titled ‘Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews.'”

Dr. Medoff is rather ready to draw his historical conclusions. “Esther’s lobbying succeeded. Ahasuerus cancelled the genocide decree and executed Haman and his henchmen. Morgenthau’s lobbying also succeeded. A Bergson-initiated Congressional resolution calling for U.S. rescue action quickly passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — enabling Morgenthau to tell FDR that ‘you have either got to move very fast, or the Congress of the United States will do it for you.’ Ten months before election day, the last thing FDR wanted was an embarrassing public scandal over the refugee issue. Within days, Roosevelt did what the Congressional resolution sought — he issued an executive order creating the War Refugee Board, a U.S. government agency to rescue refugees from Hitler.”

It is clear beyond doubt that Medoff sees the Book of Esther as a general guideline for a healthy Jewish future. Medoff ends his paper saying: “the claim that nothing could be done to help Europe’s Jews had been demolished by Jews who shook off their fears and spoke up for their people — in ancient Persia and in modern Washington.” In other words, Jews can do and should do for themselves. This is indeed the moral of the Book of Esther as well as the Holocaust religion.

What Jews should do for themselves is indeed an open question. Different Jews have different ideas. The Neocon believes in dragging America and the West into an endless war against Islam. Emmanuel Levinas, on the contrary, believes that Jews should actually position themselves at the forefront of the struggle against oppression and injustice. Indeed, Jewish empowerment is just one answer among many. Yet, it is a very powerful not to say a dangerous one. It is especially dangerous when the American Jewish Committee (AJC) acts as a modern-day Mordechai and publicly engages in an extensive lobbying effort for a war against Iran.

When analysing the work and influence of AIPAC within American politics it is the Book of Esther that we should bear in mind. AIPAC is more than a mere political lobby. AIPAC is a modern-day Mordechai, the AJC is modern-day Mordechai. Both AIPAC and AJC are inherently in line with the Hebrew Biblical school of thought. However, while the Mordechais are relatively easy to spot, the Esthers, those who act for Israel behind the scenes, are slightly more difficult to trace.

I believe that once we learn to look at Israeli lobbying in the parameters that are drawn by the Book of Esther/Holocaust-religion, we are then entitled to regard Ahmadinejad as the current Haman/Hitler figure. The AJC is Mordechai, Bush is obviously Ahasuerus, yet Esther can be almost anyone, from the last Necon to Cheney and beyond.

Brenner and Prinz

In the opening paragraph of this essay I ask what Jewishness stands for. Though I accept the complexity of the notion of Jewishness, I tend to additionally accept Leibowitz’s contribution to the subject: Holocaust is the new Jewish religion. However, within the paper I took the liberty of extending the notion of the Holocaust. Rather than referring merely to the Shoah, i.e., the Nazi Judeocide, I argue here that the Holocaust is actually engraved within the Jewish discourse and spirit. The Holocaust is the essence of the collective Jewish Pre-Traumatic stress disorder and it predates the Shoah. To be a Jew is to see the ‘other’ as a threat rather than as a brother. To be a Jew is to be on a constant alert. To be a Jew is to internalise the message of the Book of Esther. It is to aim towards the most influential junctions of hegemony. To be a Jew is to collaborate with power.

The American Marxist historian Lenni Brenner is fascinated by the collaboration between Zionists and Nazism. In his book Zionism In The Age of Dictators he presents an extract from Rabbi Joachim Prinz’s book published in 1937 after Rabbi Prinz left Germany for America.

“Everyone in Germany knew that only the Zionists could responsibly represent the Jews in dealings with the Nazi government. We all felt sure that one day the government would arrange a round table conference with the Jews, at which ¡ after the riots and atrocities of the revolution had passed ¡ the new status of German Jewry could be considered. The government announced very solemnly that there was no country in the world which tried to solve the Jewish problem as seriously as did Germany. Solution of the Jewish question? It was our Zionist dream! We never denied the existence of the Jewish question! Dissimilation? It was our own appeal! … In a statement notable for its pride and dignity, we called for a conference.” [11]

Brenner then brings in extracts from a Memorandum that was sent to the Nazi Party by the German Zionist ZVfD on 21 June 1933:

“Zionism has no illusions about the difficulty of the Jewish condition, which consists above all in an abnormal occupational pattern and in the fault of an intellectual and moral posture not rooted in one’s own tradition … On the foundation of the new state, which has established the principle of race, we wish so to fit our community into the total structure so that for us too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible. … Our acknowledgement of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group … We believe in the possibility of an honest relationship of loyalty between a group-conscious Jewry and the German state … “[12]

Brenner doesn’t approve either of Prinz’s take nor the Zionist initiative. Filled with loathing he says, “This document, a treason to the Jews of Germany, was written in standard Zionist cliches: ‘abnormal occupational pattern’, ‘rootless intellectuals greatly in need of moral regeneration’, etc. In it the German Zionists offered calculated collaboration between Zionism and Nazism, hallowed by the goal of a Jewish state: we shall wage no battle against thee, only against those that would resist thee.”

Brenner fails to see the obvious. Rabbi Prinz and the ZVfD were not traitors, they were actually genuine Jews. They followed their very Jewish cultural code. They followed the Book of Esther, they took the role of Mordechai. They tried to find a way to collaborate with what they correctly identified as a prominent emerging power. In 1969, Rabbi Prinz confessed that ever “since the assassination of Walther Rathenau in 1922, there was no doubt in our minds that the German development would be toward an anti-Semitic totalitarian regime. When Hitler began to arouse, and as he put it ‘awaken’ the German nation to racial consciousness and racial superiority, we had no doubt that this man would sooner or later become the leader of the German nation.”[13]

Whether Brenner or anyone else likes it or not, Rabbi Prinz proves to be an authentic Jewish leader. He proves to possess some highly developed survival radar mechanism that fit perfectly well with the exilic ideology. In 1981 Lenni Brenner interviewed Rabbi Prinz. Here is what he had to say about the collaborator Rabbi:

“(Prinz) dramatically evolved in the 44 years since he was expelled from Germany. He told me, off tape, that he soon realized that nothing he said there made sense in the US. He became an American liberal. Eventually, as head of the American Jewish Congress, he was asked to march with Martin Luther King and he did so.”

Once again, Brenner fails to see the obvious. Prinz didn’t change at all. Prinz didn’t evolve in those 44 years. He was and remained a genuine authentic Jew, and an extremely clever one. A man who internalised the essence of Jewish ΘmigrΘ philosophy: In Germany be a German, and in America be American. Be flexible, fit in and adopt relativistic ethical thinking. Prinz, being a devoted follower of Mordechai, realised that whatever is good for the Jews is simply good.

I went back and listened to the invaluable Brenner interviews with Rabbi Prinz that are now available on line[14]. I was rather shocked to find out that actually Prinz presents his position eloquently. It is Prinz rather than Brenner who provides us a glimpse into Jewish ideology and its interaction with the surrounding reality. It is Prinz rather than Brenner who happens to understand the German volk and their aspirations. Prinz presents his past moves as a proud Jew. From his point of view, collaborating with Hitler was indeed the right thing to do. He was following Mordechai, he was probably searching for an Esther to come. Thus, it is only natural that Rabbi Prinz later became the President of the Jewish American Congress. He became a prominent American leader In spite of his ‘collaboration with Hitler’. Simply because of the obvious reason: from a Jewish ideological point of view, he did the right thing.

Final Words About Zionism

Once we learn to look at Jewishness as an exilic culture, as the embodiment of the ‘ultimate other’ we can then understand Jewishness as a collective continuum grounded on a fantasy of horror. Jewishness is the materialisation of politics of fear into a pragmatic agenda. This is what Holocaust religion is all about and it is indeed as old as the Jews. Rabbi Prinz could foresee the Holocaust. Both Prinz and the ZVfD could anticipate a Judeocide. Thus, from a Jewish ideological point of view they acted appropriately. They were committed to their esoteric ethics within an esoteric cultural discourse.

Zionism was indeed a great promise, it was there to convert the Jews into Israelites. It was going to make the Jews into people like other peoples. Zionism was there to identify and fight the Galut (Diaspora), the exilic characteristic of the Jewish people and their culture. But Zionism was doomed to failure. The reason is obvious: within a culture that is metaphysically grounded upon exilic ideology the last thing you can expect is a successful homecoming. In order to live for its promise Zionism had to liberate itself of the Jewish exilic ideology, Zionism had to liberate itself of the Holocaust religion. But this is exactly what it fails to do. Being exilic to the bone, Zionism had to turn to antagonising the indigenous Palestinians in order to maintain its fetish of Jewish identity.

Since Zionism failed to divorce itself from the Jewish ΘmigrΘ ideology, it lost the opportunity to evolve into any form of domestic culture. Consequently, Israeli culture and politics is a strange amalgam of indecisiveness; a mixture of colonial empowerment together with Galut’s victim mentality. Zionism is a secular product of exilic culture that cannot mature into authentic homegrown perception.


[1] Marc Ellis, Marc Ellis on Finkelstein
[4] Marc H. Ellis, Beyond Innocence & Redemption – Confronting The Holocaust And Israeli Power, Creating a Moral Future for the Jewish People (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1990).

[6] ס(
[8] Glenn Bowman-Migrant Labour: Constructing Homeland in the Exilic Imagination, Antrhropological Theory II:4. December 2002 pp 447-468.
[9] Ibid

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Tzipi Livni Protests wednesday M12 @ State House and Harvard KSG

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Tzipi Livni, the second most senior official of the zionist colonial occupation regime in Palestine, will apparently be in the Boston area on Wed March 12. Boston Anti-Zionist Action (BAZA) will be protesting her appearances.

We have been searching the net and making a lot of calls trying to verify this information and get more info, but so far we have only two sources of info. I will send another email when I have more information, but it may not be til Monday.  Also updated information will be on the Rule 19 calendar on Monday or Tuesday at

According to an email from the Institute of Politics (see below) and the IOP’s website   , Livni will be speaking at the JFK School at Harvard in Cambridge at 7 PM on Wednesday evening, March 12.    

According to the Thursday March 6 Boston Metro newspaper, “The acting prime minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni, is scheduled to visit the State House next Wednesday, where she will meet with Gov. Deval Patrick and address a crowd at noon.”   

Everyone should protest one or both of these events. I suggest that all groups and individuals who oppose the zionist regime’s occupation of all or part of Palestine, who oppose the zionist regime’s genocidal program against the Palestinians, and/or who oppose the zionist regime’s attacks and threats on other countries in the region (Lebanon, Syria, IranIraqSudanEgypt, etc.) should protest one or both of these events. 

I suggest we should start protesting outside the JFK School  at 5:30 PM while the line of ticket holders is waiting to go in.  The tickets have all been assigned already.

I suggest protesting outside the state house at 11. I don’t know who is allowed to go in and be in the “crowd” to boo Livni. I assume you would have to get there early to go through security. 

 I suggest that the protests should be non-sectarian. I suggest that each group and individual should produce their own emails, flyers and signs. 

BAZA will be supporting Hamas and Hizballah, calling for the zionist regime to stop its genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, calling for zionist rule to end in ALL of Palestine, insisting that all Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes in every part of Palestine, opposing zionist imperialist wars-of-aggression which target every country in the region for destruction, and denouncing Tzipi Livni as a heinous perpetrator of genocide.

If anyone knows of other appearances by Livni during her trip to the Boston area or can verify or expand the info we have, please let us know.

JCPA + JCRC annual jewish conspiracy. In Atlanta

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 (cartoon from the JCPA’s website)
This years Jewist Agenda:
More genocide in palestine:
More war on Sudan:
Poison you with mercury laden lightbulbs:
Take away your free speech and disarm you then throw you in a private corporation prison for ever:
The Two State Solution
Global Politician, NY – 19 hours ago
I was shocked to receive a note from Dr Paul Eidelberg advising that The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) had endorsed for the first time a
JCPA endorses two-state solution
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 26, 2008
the “reconstitution” of the Palestinian Authority and the latest US-backed peace initiative, said the JCPA’s senior associate executive director,
JCPA to unveil ‘groundbreaking’ statements at upcoming conclave
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
In the past, the JCPA had supported dialogue and the peace process “within reason,” said this year’s plenum co-chair, Jerry Milch, but it had refrained from
Elections dominate hall talk at Jewish gathering in Atlanta
Texas Jewish Post – Feb 28, 2008
Many Jewish communal officials at the JCPA plenum say that they are fielding questions about Obama, questions triggered by e-mail rumors that falsely state
McCain Absent From Jewish Debate
Forward, NY – Feb 28, 2008
The JCPA responded by organizing the surrogates’ debate, but the McCain campaign pulled out the night before the debate. The JCPA also invited the campaigns
Jews Turn Against Torture
New York Jewish Week,  USA – Feb 27, 2008
In addition to JCPA activism on this issue, the American Jewish Committee passed a resolution denouncing torture last December, joining the Reform
Economic Angst Hangs Over Plenum
New York Jewish Week,  USA – Feb 20, 2008
JCPA buzz isn’t on Iran or divestment but growing fear of economy, potential deep government cuts. The tanking of the stock market and the broader economic
A “common table” for Jewish communal groups
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
Take JCPA. In 1944, when what is now the Jewish Council for Public Affairs was founded, the word “Jewish” was not in its name. It was a conscious omission,
The Poor Are With Us, But Are We With the Poor?
Forward, NY – Feb 20, 2008
This week, as the JCPA annual convention meets in Atlanta, this 64-year-old umbrella organization, which includes 14 national and 125 local agencies,
Groups blast Methodist Israel guide
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 22, 2008
birth of Israel called ‘original sin’ and to see Israelis characterized as ‘hysterical’ and ‘paranoiac,'” said Steve Gutow, JCPA’s executive director.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs lauded an anti-torture bill
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Feb 14, 2008
The bill “creates a single humane standard for the treatment of all detainees in US custody,” the JCPA’s statement said. “It clearly delineates which acts

Farrakhan Casts Long Shadow on Obama
AINA, CA – Feb 29, 2008
were confronted with a stream of complaints from Jewish members protesting the Minnesota congressman’s participation, according to sources in the JCPA.
Local JCRC builds ‘harmony within diversity’
New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ – Feb 22, 2008
“It began when the JCPA was seeking local representatives of the Latino community to participate in a mission to Israel,” he said.

Jewish Exponent
Groups Voice Their Concern Over Fiery Immigration Rhetoric
Jewish Exponent, PA – Feb 28, 2008
“Lou Dobbs is the poster boy for going absolutely tremendously across the line in so many ways,” said the JCPA’s Hadar Susskind.

The Jewish Journal of greater L.A
Congressman Tom Lantos left behind human rights legacy
The Jewish Journal of greater L.A, CA – Feb 14, 2008
Israel and his tough stance on Iran; and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), which commemorated his contributions to social welfare at home.
Tom Lantos Left Behind Human Rights Legacy
Forward, NY – Feb 11, 2008
Lantos “blazed a trail in the United States Congress fighting for education, health care, human rights, and Israel,” said JCPA, the public-policy umbrella

Gelt Complex: Carter Snubbed, Bush Budget Blasted, Hillel Under
Forward, NY – Feb 6, 2008
Lois Frank, chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, issued a statement saying that while the JCPA “strongly agrees” with the need to cut the deficit

Sara Flounders: Kosovo’s “independence”

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Protesters Burn US Embassy Video

Washington gets a new colony in the Balkans

By Sara Flounders
Published Feb 21, 2008 8:13 PM

In evaluating the recent “declaration of independence” by Kosovo, a province of Serbia, and its immediate recognition as a state by the U.S., Germany, Britain and France, it is important to know three things.

First, Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators will have control over foreign and domestic policy. U.S. imperialism has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans.

Second, Washington’s immediate recognition of Kosovo confirms once again that U.S. imperialism will break any and every treaty or international agreement it has ever signed, including agreements it drafted and imposed by force and violence on others.

The recognition of Kosovo is in direct violation of such law—specifically U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which the leaders of Yugoslavia were forced to sign to end the 78 days of NATO bombing of their country in 1999. Even this imposed agreement affirmed the “commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Serbia, a republic of Yugoslavia.

This week’s illegal recognition of Kosovo was condemned by Serbia, Russia, China and Spain.

Thirdly, U.S. imperialist domination does not benefit the occupied people. Kosovo after nine years of direct NATO military occupation has a staggering 60 percent unemployment rate. It has become a center of the international drug trade and of prostitution rings in Europe.

The once humming mines, mills, smelters, refining centers and railroads of this small resource-rich industrial area all sit silent. The resources of Kosovo under NATO occupation were forcibly privatized and sold to giant Western multinational corporations. Now almost the only employment is working for the U.S./NATO army of occupation or U.N. agencies.

The only major construction in Kosovo is of Camp Bondsteel, the largest U.S. base built in Europe in a generation.Halliburton, of course, got the contract. Camp Bondsteel guards the strategic oil and transportation lines of the entire region.

Over 250,000 Serbian, Romani and other nationalities have been driven out of this Serbian province since it came under U.S./NATO control. Almost a quarter of the Albanian population has been forced to leave in order to find work.

Establishing a colonial administration

Consider the plan under which Kosovo’s “independence” is to happen. Not only does it violate U.N. resolutions but it is also a total colonial structure. It is similar to the absolute power held by L. Paul Bremer in the first two years of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

How did this colonial plan come about? It was proposed by the same forces responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia and the NATO bombing and occupation of Kosovo.

In June of 2005, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan appointed former Finnish President Marti Ahtisaari as his special envoy to lead the negotiations on Kosovo’s final status. Ahtisaari is hardly a neutral arbitrator when it comes to U.S. intervention in Kosovo. He is chairman emeritus of the International Crisis Group (ICG), an organization funded by multibillionaire George Soros that promotes NATO expansion and intervention along with open markets for U.S. and E.U. investment.

The board of the ICG includes two key U.S. officials responsible for the bombing of Kosovo: Gen. Wesley Clark and Zbigniew Brzezinski. In March 2007, Ahtisaari gave his Comprehensive Proposal for Kosovo Status Settlement to the new U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

The documents setting out the new government for Kosovo are available at A summary is available on the U.S. State Department’s Web site at

An International Civilian Representative (ICR) will be appointed by U.S. and E.U. officials to oversee Kosovo. This appointed official can overrule any measures, annul any laws and remove anyone from office in Kosovo. The ICR will have full and final control over the departments of Customs, Taxation, Treasury and Banking.

The E.U. will establish a European Security and Defense Policy Mission (ESDP) and NATO will establish an International Military Presence. Both these appointed bodies will have control over foreign policy, security, police, judiciary, all courts and prisons. They are guaranteed immediate and complete access to any activity, proceeding or document in Kosovo.

These bodies and the ICR will have final say over what crimes can be prosecuted and against whom; they can reverse or annul any decision made. The largest prison in Kosovo is at the U.S. base, Camp Bondsteel, where prisoners are held without charges, judicial overview or representation.

The recognition of Kosovo’s “independence” is just the latest step in a U.S. war of reconquest that has been relentlessly pursued for decades.

Divide and rule

The Balkans has been a vibrant patchwork of many oppressed nationalities, cultures and religions. The Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, formed after World War II, contained six republics, none of which had a majority. Yugoslavia was born with a heritage of antagonisms that had been endlessly exploited by the Ottoman Turks, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and interference by British and French imperialism, followed by Nazi German and Italian Fascist occupation in World War II.

The Jewish and Serbian peoples suffered the greatest losses in that war. A powerful communist-led resistance movement made up of all the nationalities, which had suffered in different ways, was forged against Nazi occupation and all outside intervention. After the liberation, all the nationalities cooperated and compromised in building the new socialist federation.

In 45 years the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia developed from an impoverished, underdeveloped, feuding region into a stable country with an industrial base, full literacy and health care for the whole population.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the Pentagon immediately laid plans for the aggressive expansion of NATO into the East. Divide and rule became U.S. policy throughout the entire region. Everywhere right-wing, pro-capitalist forces were financed and encouraged. As the Soviet Union was broken up into separate, weakened, unstable and feuding republics, the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia tried to resist this reactionary wave.

In 1991, while world attention was focused on the devastating U.S. bombing of Iraq, Washington encouraged, financed and armed right-wing separatist movements in the Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian republics of the Yugoslav Federation. In violation of international agreements Germany and the U.S. gave quick recognition to these secessionist movements and approved the creation of several capitalist ministates.

At the same time U.S. finance capital imposed severe economic sanctions on Yugoslavia to bankrupt its economy. Washington then promoted NATO as the only force able to bring stability to the region.

The arming and financing of the right-wing UCK movement in the Serbian province of Kosovo began in this same period. Kosovo was not a distinct republic within the Yugoslav Federation but a province in the Serbian Republic. Historically, it had been a center of Serbian national identity, but with a growing Albanian population.

Washington initiated a wild propaganda campaign claiming that Serbia was carrying out a campaign of massive genocide against the Albanian majority in Kosovo. The Western media was full of stories of mass graves and brutal rapes. U.S. officials claimed that from 100,000 up to 500,000 Albanians had been massacred.

U.S./NATO officials under the Clinton administration issued an outrageous ultimatum that Serbia immediately accept military occupation and surrender all sovereignty or face NATO bombardment of its cities, towns and infrastructure. When, at a negotiation session in Rambouillet, France, the Serbian Parliament voted to refuse NATO’s demands, the bombing began.

In 78 days the Pentagon dropped 35,000 cluster bombs, used thousands of rounds of radioactive depleted-uranium rounds, along with bunker busters and cruise missiles. The bombing destroyed more than 480 schools, 33 hospitals, numerous health clinics, 60 bridges, along with industrial, chemical and heating plants, and the electrical grid. Kosovo, the region that Washington was supposedly determined to liberate, received the greatest destruction.

Finally on June 3, 1999, Yugoslavia was forced to agree to a ceasefire and the occupation of Kosovo.

Expecting to find bodies everywhere, forensic teams from 17 NATO countries organized by the Hague Tribunal on War Crimes searched occupied Kosovo all summer of 1999 but found a total of only 2,108 bodies, of all nationalities. Some had been killed by NATO bombing and some in the war between the UCK and the Serbian police and military. They found not one mass grave and could produce no evidence of massacres or of “genocide.”

This stunning rebuttal of the imperialist propaganda comes from a report released by the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte. It was covered, but without fanfare, in the New York Times of Nov. 11, 1999.

The wild propaganda of genocide and tales of mass graves were as false as the later claims that Iraq had and was preparing to use “weapons of mass destruction.”

Through war, assassinations, coups and economic strangulation, Washington has succeeded for now in imposing neoliberal economic policies on all of the six former Yugoslav republics and breaking them into unstable and impoverished ministates.

The very instability and wrenching poverty that imperialism has brought to the region will in the long run be the seeds of its undoing. The history of the achievements made when Yugoslavia enjoyed real independence and sovereignty through unity and socialist development will assert itself in the future.

Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center, traveled to Yugoslavia during the 1999 U.S. bombing and reported on the extent of the U.S. attacks on civilian targets. She is a co-author and editor of the books: “Hidden Agenda—U.S./NATO Takeover of Yugoslavia” and “NATO in the Balkans.”

MECAWI: Michigan Conference on US Intervention in Africa

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Conference on US Intervention in Africa
Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008, 9:30am-3:00pm
5922 Second Ave. at Antoinette, Detroit
Free and Open to the Public
Sponsors: Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI)
Contact: 313.671.3715 e-mail: URL:

MECAWI to Host Conference on the Growing Threat of United States Intervention in Africa

The Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) is an anti-war and anti-imperialist coalition that opposes United States military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, MECAWI has responded to further interventionist maneuvers by the Bush administration in Somalia, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela and other geo-political regions of the world.

Based upon recent political events on the African continent such as:
-the US-backed invasion of Somalia in 2006;
-the escalation of destabilization efforts against Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Chad;
-as well as the much publicized American plans to establish military bases on the continent through the Africa Command (AFRICOM) that is directly administered from the Pentagon, many of us in the anti-imperialist and anti-war movements see the mounting danger of greater United States military intervention in Africa.

Recent Bush administration plans to implement AFRICOM has been met with rejection among various African countries. Two of the largest nations in Africa, Nigeria and South Africa, have refused to allow the American military to set up AFRICOM bases in their respective territories and have come out solidly against any other country allowing such intervention.

Consequently, MECAWI is holding a conference to address the political and historical context in which these events are occuring in Africa and to discuss action proposals to ensure that these concerns are fully addressed by the anti-war and peace movements here in the United States. In addition, we wish to advance activities that will express solidarity with the peoples of Africa and other regions that are subjected to imperialist intervention and manipulation.

This event will feature presentations on various nation-states on the continent as well as a panel on the need to defeat AFRICOM. A presentation from the National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) will discuss the legal and political implications of American governmental efforts to build permanent bases on the continent of Africa.

In addition, a new BBC documentary film entitled: “Cuba, Africa, Revolution!” will be premiered in the city of Detroit. This film reviews the history of Cuban solidarity efforts on the continent and how they played an instrumental role in the defeat of colonialism and apartheid in Africa.

For more information please contact the numbers listed above.

Abayomi Azikiwe,

Media Liason, MECAWI

ARA Detroit: A Sober Assessment of the Palestine Solidarity Movement

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” Both among Zionists and among so-called Palestine solidarity groups, these tactics and our militancy have been vilified. We have had heated arguments with Zionists on the campus of Wayne State, and we have had heated arguments with the social workers and pallbearers of the movement many times. We remain undeterred. We take inspiration from the example of Malcolm X, who was much reviled in his own time for his uncompromising militancy. Today, he is remembered and beloved because of that militancy, which redeemed black humanity in the face of attacks by white supremacy. His uncompromising militancy was a key element in that redemption. Our own militancy is a tribute to Malcolm, one of the true heroes of American history. We remain convinced that in the current climate of racist attacks on Arab and Muslim people, as well as all Palestine solidarity activists, uncompromising militancy is the only response that allows us to maintain our own humanity. Any other response accepts the dehumanization these racist assaults attempt. Finally, while our militancy may not resonate today, we believe we are building a legacy for the future. Time will tell. ”